Our Mission

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of families through the creation of innovative, thought provoking theater.


How We Do It

First, we produce new material by contemporary theater artists whose work explores dimensions of family.  Second, we develop new initiatives in partnership with organizations that promote the well-being of families.  Every ticket sold helps a family.


Our Story

Katharine and Rebecca met in college at Brown University while performing together in Boys’ Life by Howard Korder.  After graduation they lost touch, but they continued to pursue their love of theater with careers as actors.  Years later, they reconnected when a mutual friend told them that they were ‘living the same life.’  Coincidentally while living in New York, both had married men named Ben who were Memorial Sloan Kettering trained Head and Neck Cancer surgeons.  It turned out that their lives had taken many similar courses: both were now mothers of young children and both had begun second careers — Rebecca in literacy and education, Katharine in the field of social work.  After starting a conversation at a party in Brooklyn (their children were at the party), they decided to finish it over coffee.  What ensued were the seeds of Sweet Chaos Theater Project — a collaboration that would bridge their passion for theater, their experience as mothers, and a strong desire to foster community outreach and child and family well-being.  They began to reach out to playwrights whom they admired and were heartened when so many signed on to volunteer their time and work to this endeavor.  And while the list of small, humorous coincidences seems to be never-ending for the two women (from NJ, transfer students, same wedding china pattern, same ketubah artist… and on and on), it is the shared vision of Sweet Chaos Theater Project that has deepened their friendship into a long-term professional partnership.  They continue to be proud of their college roots and make it a point to showcase theater artists who graduated from Brown whenever possible.